What happens at the CCLC?

After a light snack and homework period, participating students will meet with a group of students at their grade level.  Students work in a grade level setting with one teacher assigned per grade level.  (In some cases, enrollment numbers may result in multi-age settings).  Each day, students will participate in an activity related to mathematics and reading.  The program will also include a physical recreation period and an enrichment period.

Are there any fees for participating?

Students may attend the CCLC free of charge.

Who is invited?

All district students in grades K-12 are invited to attend.  As space may be limited, priority will be given to students who can attend most frequently or who may have the greatest academic, social, emotional, or financial need.  In all past years, space has been sufficient to meet the needs of all registering students.

When does the CCLC meet?

After-school programming is offered four days each week when school is in session:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The program begins immediately after school and with dismissal from classrooms at 5:00.  The bus will leave the school at approximately 5:10.  Whether walking, riding the bus, or leaving with parents, all students would need to leave the school at that time. The center will not be open on days school is not in session such as vacation or inclement weather days.

Is transportation available?

District provided transportation will be offered to as many students as possible.  This program supports one after-school bus route and a supplementary van route.  After registration forms are received, the transportation director will design a route that will serve the greatest number of participants possible.

How do I register my child?

The process is intentionally as brief as possible.  Simply complete the registration form and submit it to the Cashton Elementary School office.  If you are unable to complete the form, contact Lindsi at 654-7377 ext. 300 for assistance.  For specific questions regarding the CCLC, contact Mr. Alderson at ext. 301.  

CCLC Teachers

5K: Mrs Wiegman, Mrs. Hansbery, Mrs. Miller

1st Grade: Ms. Yanske

2nd Grade: Mrs. Adey, Mrs. Gabrielson

3rd Grade: Miss Running, Mrs. Adey, Ms. O'Gara

4th Grade:  Mrs. Brueggen, Mrs. Dickman

5th Grade: Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Sanders


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