Opportunity, Legacy, Excellence

Our Vision:  Honoring Legacy, Cultivating Opportunities, Pursuing Excellence

Our Purpose:  To foster a nurturing and engaging learning environment that empowers all students to reach their fullest potentials.

Our Values:

  • Respect, integrity, and character
  • Family and community involvement
  • Leadership development
  • Persistence and work ethic
  • The challenge to grow as the world grows
  • Engaged and healthy citizens
  • Tradition while looking toward the future
  • Our rural identity
  • Academic Excellence

Indicators of Student Success

  1. Students will perform at or above grade level and graduate ready for their post-secondary goal.
  2. Students will make measureable progress in all academic areas each year.
  3. Students will be engaged in all academic areas each year.
  4. Students will be engaged in school activities and value learning.
  5. Key stakeholders will indicate that the district is fulfilling its mission, vision, and purpose.
  6. All student groups will have equal access to achievement.

Teaching and Learning Goals

  1. Create a safe and positive learning environment.
  2. Develop positive academic skills and work habits.
  3. Promote school, classroom, family, and community partnerships.
  4. Provide high impact instruction and diverse learning opportunities for all students.
  5. Systematically identify students in need and implement intervention designed to address student specific needs.
  6. Establish an aligned, consistent and challenging curriculum.

Support System Goals

  1. Use fiscally responsible and sustainable budgeting practices.
  2. Update school facilities to enhance student learning and community use.
  3. Retain and support the development of quality employees.
  4. Provide the technology tools and infrastructure required to deliver relevant instruction.
  5. Develop, update, and improve policies and handbooks to align to District vision.
  6. Improve processes that engage community stakeholders at a level consistent with the District.
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