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Our Vision for Success

  • As a community, we create the conditions under which students can reach their fullest potentials.

Stakeholder Goals

  • Maximum student participation
  • Continuity of staff
  • Developing good human beings who are able to reach their fullest potentials
  • An atmosphere of respect, encouragement, and positivity 

Stakeholder Belief Statements

  • Our actions (all stakeholders) are a part of a larger heritage, a legacy that is bigger than a sport, a season, or than an event.
  • All of our students have talent.
  • An environment that supports student participation is extraordinarily vital.
  • Co-curricular programs are an integral part of student education and the formation of the “whole” person, Our co-curricular participants are leaders who set examples for younger students.
  • We believe in supporting a community of coaches and advisors.
  • Parents do not have the job to evaluate the coach/advisor.
  • All stakeholders should have high expectations of students and of themselves.
  • Co-Curricular advisors and coaches should be able to grow on the job and be supported to be able to learn from mistakes.
  • The process of creating “success” is a result of learning from all the trials and triumph of experience.
  • “It’s hard to be a parent.” Parents are in a precarious position of supporting their children but also being required to step back to allow for honest participation in and lessons from co-curricular activities.

All Stakeholder Rules

  • Promote autonomy for our coaches and advisors so that they can run their programs.
  • Understand and recognize that certain topics are “off limits” for parents and other community members to discuss with coaches. (e.g., playing time, coaching strategy)
  • Follow the “Chain of Command” in dealing with conflict where the first step in conflict resolution is for the player/participant to talk to the coach/advisor.
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