Jennifer Butzler

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Middle-High School Principal
Phone: 608-654-5131 ext. 402

Welcome to Cashton Middle School/High School! On behalf of the teachers and staff at Cashton Middle School and Cashton High School, I want to be the first to say how proud we are of our students, our tradition, and our excellent school district. We value setting goals with high expectations, accountability, and communication. Through our district and school goals, we strive to help all students learn at high levels and have each student career and college ready. This is achieved through a team effort which starts with strong relationships among our students, parents, and staff.

Family Access, Student Access, and our websites are all resources we use to communicate regarding attendance, discipline, lunch accounts, homework, academic grades, and other important information to students and parents. This information is accessible any time, and I encourage students and parents to take advantage of these resources. With that being said, as we continue our transition into a paperless society, I want to emphasize and encourage students to stop in, and for parents and guardians to call or stop in when you are in need of something or have a concern. Communication, whether in person, via email, or by telephone, does wonders in bridging our relationship and our understanding of each individual student. Helping students be successful is our number one priority!

I am delighted and honored to be able to serve the students, families, and staff of Cashton Middle School and High School. I look forward to working with all of you and hope your school year is filled with countless opportunities for learning and growth.

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