Frequently Asked Questions

When should students arrive at school? Students should arrive at school between 7:35 and 8:00 AM.  Students should not arrive before this time, as supervision and crossing guard duties are not available earlier.

Where should students go when they arrive at school? Students arriving between 7:35 and 7:45 AM are to report to the lobby area in front of the main gym.  Students arriving after 7:45 AM may report directly to their classrooms.  Students should not arrive before 7:35 AM.

When does the school day start and end? All students are expected to be in their classrooms by 8:00 AM.  Arriving after that time may be recorded as tardy.  The school day ends at 3:05 PM.

If I drive students to school, where should I drop them off? In order to keep students safe and to avoid interfering with bus routes, students should be dropped off by the sidewalk adjacent to the smaller of the two North parking lots.  If you will be parking your vehicle and accompanying your child to their classroom, you may park in the larger lot.

If I drive students to school, where should I pick them up? Parents who prefer to meet their child(ren) at their classroom door are welcome to do so.  Students may also be picked up directly from the doors adjacent to the small parking lot.  Unless you are stopped along the sidewalk, you are strongly encouraged to meet your child at the door and assist them across the lot to your vehicle.

Are there rules for students arriving or departing on foot or bicycle? Yes.  Students are expected to act responsibly and take standard safety precautions near streets and driveways.  Please respect the property of our neighbors.  All students who need to cross State Highway 33 are required to make their way to the crosswalk in front of the elementary building and cross with the assistance of the guard.  No other crossing guards are assigned to local streets.  On school property, students must use the sidewalks and walk bicycles.  No unaccompanied child should cut across either parking lot.  Students walking or biking home will first report to the doorway adjacent to the small parking lot.  After the buses pull out of the lot, students will be released and assisted across the highway by a guard when applicable.

Are meals available at school? Lunch and breakfast is available to all students at affordable rates.  Breakfast is served daily in the regular classroom, and lunch is served daily in the cafeteria.  Families are strongly encouraged to apply for free or reduced price meals.

Who should I write my lunch check out to? Checks should be made out to Cashton Public Schools. Please put the student's name in the memo line of the check if possible.

Are there any student fees? All students in grades 5K – 5 owe $4.50 for their classroom magazine. This money should be sent separately to the elementary office.

What hours is the nurse at school? The nurse is in either the high school or elementary school from 7:45 – 1:45 daily unless she is at a meeting.

What needs to be done if my child is going to a friend’s house after school? If students are not riding their regular bus home, they need a bus pass from the office in order to ride a different bus. If they are going home with another parent (other than their own), they need a note signed by their parent saying that it is okay for them to ride home with ex.: Devon’s mom, Aunt Becky etc.

What are things that we collect at school? We collect Campbell Soup Labels, (the UPC’s. If you are not sure what to save send the whole label to school), Swiss Valley milk caps, Kemp’s milk caps, Milk Moola milk caps and tops from plastic bags of milk from Kwik Trip, Cash for Kids milk caps. (All bottle caps are worth 5 cents each) We also save Box Tops for Education (These are worth 10 cents each)  Proceeds are used to subsidize admission fees for student field trips.  Please bring items trimmed or washed.

When do you send in the labels, box tops, and milk caps? We send the box tops in near the end of October and the end of February. Milk caps are sent in as soon as we get a box full (Usually 2000 per box) Campbell soup labels are sent in near the end of May.  If children bring in box tops they should write their name on the back, and they will go in a monthly drawing for a prize from Mr. Alderson.

When is the Monthly Awards Assembly? The end of the month awards assembly is usually the last day of the month at 2:40.  Parents are welcome to attend.

How do I know what "day" of the schedule it is? The lunch menu has a 6 day calendar included each month. There is also a sign on the window by the off door of school that says what day it is. 

What do I need to do if my child is not coming to school? Please call extension 300 and state where your child is. Ex: He is sick, at a dentist or doctor appointment. We overslept and are on our way. Etc.

Who do I call when the bus does not need to stop in the morning? Call 654-5131 Ext. 121 and leave a message. Please state the names of your children and the bus number that they ride and the date they will not be riding.

Can I attend field trips as a chaperon with my child's class? Yes...and no.  Many of the field trips for K-1 are appropriate for many families to attend with no limit such as a trip to a local pumpkin patch although you will likely need to provide your own transportation.  Others, more frequently in the intermediate grades, must be limited due to a number of academic or logistical purposes such as performances at Viterbo or guided tours that don't easily accommodate large groups.  In these cases, teachers will determine the number of adult chaperons needed to appropriately maintain safety for students and select participants based on their ability to perform the necessary duties.  Teachers will provide information about the trip in the permission slip letters that come home in advance.  If you are uncertain as to whether you may attend a specific field trip, please contact your child's teacher or the building principal.

If I am attending a school field trip, may I ride the bus with the students? Field trips that are open to all interested parents may only be attended by parents using private transportation, not the school bus.  Field trips for which three or fewer adult chaperones are selected and identified for each classroom by school staff may ride the bus.  

If I am attending a school field trip and driving my personal vehicle, can my child ride with me? Students may not travel to school trips by any means other than the school bus in almost all circumstances.  Students may, however, ride with their parents home (not back to school) from the trip.

If I am attending a school field trip, can I bring my other children along? No.  School field trips are intended exclusively for students and, when appropriate, their parents/guardians. Can other adult family members attend a school field trip? In most cases, no.  In the event an extended family member is the primary care provider for the student, they may attend in the same manner as a parent.

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