Middle School and High School Choir is an all year round co-curricular class available to all 6-8th grade students.  Students will sing songs from multiple genres/time periods including but not limited to: Pop, Country, Classical, Romantic, Gregorian Chant, and Classic Rock.  There are up to 6 required performances during the school year. Performance based field trips are offered as well. The goal of the choir is for all students to be active and productive members working together towards the same musical goal.

Middle School Show Choir is a new extra-curricular activity available to students who are already enrolled in Middle School Choir. They will have 2 required performances during the year. This group will focus on stage presence, dancing and singing. They will perform songs from the Pop and Broadway genres ultimately creating a 15 minute non-stop show of song and dance!

  • Show Choir Meeting Times- Monday evenings September-March

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Advisor: Alyssa Riemer

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