The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium is an annual science scholarship competition for motivated students in grades 9-12. Each year, students organize a scientific research project based on a topic of their choice. Students must design, plan, execute and collect data on their research project. Then, they compose a detailed paper about their process and conclusions and present a 12 minute presentation to a group of judges and audience of their peers.  Winners of the scholarships can earn up to $2000 to a four-year university of their choice and also earn an all expense paid trip to the National JSHS competition held in various locations in the US. In addition, students can enter this competition as many times as they'd like, giving them an opportunity to win scholarships all four years of high school. This competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on laboratory experience, STEM training and skills in problem-based learning. In addition to the competition, there is a summer course, Scientific Methods And Research Techniques available for 1/4 science credit that helps guide students in this lengthy research process. 

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Advisor: Julie Lundeen