What's Roots & Shoots?
Roots & Shoots is a service based club devoted to helping the communities in which we live. Roots & Shoots was created by the Jane Goodall Institute in an effort to improve our communities, the animals in our surroundings and our enviroment. WIth over 120 countries participating in Roots & Shoots, the program is a unique way to show young people how to make a positivie difference in our worlds. Here's a link to the program's website: 

What Do We Do In Our Club?
Since the goal of Roots & Shoots club is to help the community, the animals and the environment, that's what we're going to do! The choice is up to us, as a club to determine how we want to accomplish the program's goals. Check out the official Roots & Shoots website to see what other clubs to help make the world a better place. Here's a link to a local chapter and all they have accomplished: 
Tomah High School R & S You might even find some old pictures of your CHS advisor... 

What Does This Have To Do With Science?
The answer to that question is completely up to current club members. The goal of the club is serviced-based. If you want to encorperate this with science ideas, field trips and activities, super! If you just want to focus on the service aspect of the club, that works too. We can do as little or as much with science as the members of the club decide.


Roots and Shoots Website

Advisor: Julie Lundeen

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