"One of the clearest lessons of the past decade in America is that students want and deserve an appropriate voice in their own affairs, and that education can be better when they have such a voice." —President Richard M. Nixon

Cashton High School is proud to have an active and vital Student Council.  In 1972, President Richard Nixon praised student councils for providing students " an early and vital experience in exercising a voice in matters of common concern...and selecting leaders to express representative views."   

Cashton High School Student Council provides our students with a strong service learning and leadership experience, while at the same time, instilling in its members a strong sense of community and pride.  Elections are held every spring with two representatives elected from each class, in addition to a student council president elected by all students in grades 9-12.  Our student council representatives are the voice of the student body and make  many outstanding contributions as student leaders in our school and our community.

Advisor: Jennifer Butzler

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